04/01/2011 05:50 pm ET | Updated Jun 01, 2011

Facebook Majority 'Outliers'

David Hill says Romney must tackle his religion.

Democracy in America wonders whether America is ready for Romney.

Jamelle Bouie chronicles "the continuing story of Romney's Mormon problem."

Tom Jensen finds support for Romney falling as support for Huckabee increases.

Jed Lewison notes all the GOP frontrunners' numbers sliding.

Jonathan Bernstein explains why Libya didn't boost Obama's poll numbers.

Jim Geraghty thinks Libya is battering Obama's approval rating.

John Hinderaker asks how much trouble Obama is in.

Chris Good notices little gain for Pawlenty after his announcement.

Tony Fabrizio talks to Donald Trump about polling for a potential presidential campaign.

Jon Chait says age may help Democrats regain the House.

Richard Florida says America is becoming increasingly conservative.

National Journal announces new polls of policy insiders.

Pew Research says people lie to pollsters about their weight.

Edison Research finds a majority of Americans are now on Facebook.

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