04/01/2011 01:27 pm ET | Updated Jun 01, 2011

Google CEO Tried To Censor Google Search Results, Hide Political Donation, Book Claims

According to Steve Levy's new book on Google, In the Plex, Google CEO Eric Schmidt attempted to have the search engine censor information that appeared about him in its search results.

The New York Times, citing Levy's book, writes, "Mr. Schmidt asked that Google remove from the search engine information about a political donation he had made. Sheryl Sandberg, a Google executive who is now Facebook's chief operating officer, told him that was unacceptable."

The Times' article about Levy's findings also details Google's fumbles in China, where Google eventually decided to shut down its search operations.

"When the Google founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, visited China in 2004, they needed coaching on how to behave, Mr. Levy writes. On a visit to India, they had been compared to college backpackers, riding in rickshaws. Al Gore, the former vice president, had to warn them that they were politically naïve and that the Chinese would think they were arrogant if they acted like that in China," the Times notes.