HTC Thunderbolt vs. iPhone 4: Android Phone Beating Apple, Analyst Says

04/01/2011 10:53 am ET | Updated Jun 01, 2011

How is Apple's Verizon iPhone 4 faring against Verizon's new 4G phone, the HTC Thunderbolt?

According to Boy Genius Report, an analyst from BTIG Research has found that the HTC Thunderbolt is outselling the iPhone 4 "at many Verizon Wireless store locations."

Boy Genius Report writes that the analysts "made calls to 150 different Verizon Wireless stores across 22 major U.S. cities, asking which device was selling better. According to the analyst's report, 61% of stores said the two devices were selling at about the same rate, 11% said the iPhone 4 was selling faster and 28% said they were selling more ThunderBolt smartphones than iPhones. "

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