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Obama Mocked By GOP In April Fools' Day Ad (VIDEO)

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The National Republican Senatorial Committee delved into presidential politics Friday, with a new web video apparently created to mock President Obama on April Fools' Day.

The ad suggests that Obama has failed to deliver on many of his campaign promises. In one clip, candidate Obama says he will work toward "bringing Americans together." The video appears to argue against his progress in this endeavor by displaying shots of Tea Party protesters rallying against the contentious health care bill signed into law last year.

Similar jabs are taken against the president's energy policy and willingness to cut spending. The ad also employs scenes of Obama golfing, fly-fishing, on stage with Paul McCartney and filling out his NCAA March Madness bracket to take shots at his work ethic.

The spot ends with Obama riding a flying unicorn that appears to emit rainbows from its backside-- a fixture from a similar ad last year -- over the NRSC's version of the president's reelection slogan: "Four more years: America needs more changing."

While this ad is a parody, The Hill reports that an authentic web video accompanying the official announcement of Obama's 2012 reelection campaign may soon be on its way. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Obama may file with the Federal Election Commission as early as Monday.


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