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Malibu Date Night: Wine Tasting, Seafood, And Cuban Desserts

    First Posted: 04/02/11 08:54 PM ET   Updated: 06/02/11 06:12 AM ET

Story courtesy of City's Best.

By Lien Ta

Nothing wrong with an L.A. Date Night that begins before the sun sets -- so long as watching a sunset is part of it. I often hear that many Angelenos (certainly those that live east of the 405) very rarely make it out to the beach -- you don't need me to tell you the ludicrosity of that. So, remedy it. Get out to Malibu. And while you're on the PCH, snag a perfect fish sandwich and a glimpse of that aforementioned sunset.

Malibu Wines
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Typically, you'll go all the way to Santa Barbara for "local" wine tasting; now, for a quick palate whet, you just have to go to Malibu. The tasting room off Mulholland Highway features the wines of Malibu Family Wines, who've been making use of their self-billed "legendary" terroir since 1997. You'll find a lot of Cabernet and Merlot, and if you frequent Downtown's Lazy Ox Canteen, you'll know that the most affordable bottle of red is a Cabernet blend of a 2009 "Lazy Ox Canteen," courtesy of Malibu Wines' Semler family vineyard. The tasting room is open every day -- last pour is at 5:30pm, unless it's a warm summer night, in which the tasting room might offer evening movie screenings and live music.
31740 Mulholland Hwy., Malibu; 818-865-0605

Photo via Facebook: Malibu Family Wines
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