04/03/2011 10:31 am ET Updated Jun 03, 2011

'Green Lantern' Trailer, Poster: Ryan Reynolds Stars As Hal Jordan (VIDEO, PHOTO)

Ryan Reynolds is coming to save the summer.

The actor stars in the blockbuster film adaptation of a beloved DC comic book, taking on the role of Hal Jordan in "The Green Lantern." Produced by Warner Bros., the film is a CGI-filled epic that puts Reynolds at the center of both earth-bound and space-focused story lines.

Reynolds and Warner Bros. presented a new poster and, more importantly, an extended trailer for the film at the movie convention WonderCon over the weekend. It was shown to great applause, a relief to producers who saw their initial, unpolished trailer panned in November.

Reynolds gave a panel talk about his take on the film.

"Oh, it's huge," he said (via ComingSoon.net) of the extended clip going over well with the audience. "I mean, I'm also a fan. I want it to be good just primarily from that level. It's a huge weight. It buoys you in a really big way. It's a totally different experience, seeing it with an audience that it's designed for. Seeing it with that group of people out there was just electrifying. If it had gone the other way, it would have been a huge disaster. So it's really great to see that they're getting it right."

Jordan, in Green Lantern history, is actually the second person to wear the power-giving ring; when DC comics reintroduced the character in the 1950's, Jordan was given the ring by the Guardians of the Universe and soon became a runaway hit for the comic book label. Along with Superman and Batman, he helped found the Justice League of America, a convenient plot point for Warner Brothers as they look toward making a film version of that gigantic team of heroes.

And, of course, as is Hollywood's tradition, the producer of the film says they're already working on the script for a sequel.

Watch the trailer below, and check out the poster below that: