04/04/2011 12:56 pm ET | Updated Jun 04, 2011

Mika Brzezinski Loses It Over Dick Cheney Spoof (VIDEO)

Mika Brzezinski completely lost it on Monday's "Morning Joe," collapsing into hysterical fits of laughter over a spoof of Dick Cheney.

The spoof came from a recent episode of David Letterman's show, and cast Cheney as a more aged and gun-prone Mary Tyler Moore. For whatever reason, it hit Brzezinski right in the funny bone, and, as the clip ended, the camera showed her doubled up with laughter.

"What's wrong with you?" Joe Scarborough asked her jokingly. "You think that's funny? ...If it was a liberal, you would be going through a whole"

"I usually don't," Brzezinski tried to cut in, before doubling up again. "It's so sick!" she continued, gasping for breath.