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Nashville Tornado: Violent Storms Pass Through Middle Tennessee

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National Weather Service

At least two tornadoes and one funnel cloud have passed through the Nashville area, according to reports received by the National Weather Service.

The Tennessean reported that the first tornado was spotted one mile west of Nashville's CoolSprings Mall at about 2:10 p.m. local time. The second was nearby Dickson, west of Nashville. A funnel cloud was seen five miles southeast of Nashville.

The Weather Channel tweeted this picture with the caption, "Multiple trees snapped in this photo from Nashville, TN. Indication of a tornado."

More than 68,000 are without power, the Nashville Electric Service posted on its website.

Follow live updates below.

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Maggie Lawrence of the Nashville Fire Department tells The Huffington Post, "We did not have a confirmed touchdown. We did have some tornadic activity, but, as of right now, we are not saying we had a tornado touchdown. As far as the casulties are concerned, we're still doing an assessment of that at this time, so we don't have anything definitive we can tell you."

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This photo from Franklin, Tennessee, south of Nashville, was submitted by HuffPost reader Al Llamas:

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Check out these user-submitted photos of the storm from The Tennessean.

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The Tennessean just posted this video of storm damage in Nashville's Centennial Park:

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The Tennessean is mapping out storm damage, where tornadoes have been reported, trees are down, and more. Sources for the map include National Weather Service, police and eyewitness reports.


View Tornadoes, storms rip through Middle Tennessee in a larger map

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Brian Sneed of Hendersonville, Tennessee: "Terrible way to start out the week. Broken down truck and tornadoes. 600students in the basement of the school...awesome. #seriously?"

Maggie Donaldson, of Hendersonville, Tennessee: "Grill blown into the pond, shingles on the front porch, a leak in the ceiling, part of Main Street closed. Gotta love April storms."

Eliza Wines, of Nashville: "Storm took out the cable. Looking at a black screen :-("

Nate, of Nashville: "The storm decided to rearrange our patio furniture for us"

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Tornado warnings are still in affect for some counties in Tennessee, though have since expired for Nashville/Davidson County. Find the latest warnings here.

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Leading up to the storm, a Twitter user who identifies himself as Storm Chaser Nick posted this map with the text, "Residents in and around Nashville, TN please take cover now. #tornado"

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Local resident David Anthony posted this photo to Twitter, which he says is a busted revolving door at the Nashville City Center.

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Serious damage and injuries to a manufacturing plant in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, northwest of Nashville, suggest a possible tornado touchdown.

Click over to Nashville's News Channel 5 for video and photos.

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Don Peterson, 86, in the Nashville suburb of Bellevue, told The Huffington Post by phone:

“Evidently it touched down in a couple places but we have not been affected by it. Rain to beat hell here. Winds are up to 70 miles an hour. In fact, we had some bradford pear trees in our yard and they were bent over about half-way because the wind was so strong, but thankfully they survived.”

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According to The Tennessean, "Trees are reported down in Williamson County and there is a report of a tree having fallen on a house."

The news site also reported that all counties in Middle Tennessee are experiencing strong thunderstorms and the threat of a tornado this afternoon.

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Tornado warnings remain in effect for Franklin, Jackson, Lincoln, Moore, Overton and Putnam counties in Tennessee, according to The Weather Channel.

They have expired for Davidson County, where Nashville is located, as the swift-moving storm has since moved through the area.

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