04/04/2011 07:26 pm ET | Updated Jun 04, 2011

Prince William's Bachelor Party Details: Surfing & No Strippers (VIDEO)

"Good Morning America" has the latest royal wedding reports, perhaps just a round of fan fiction, but entertaining all the same.

So what's in Monday's segment? Well, more details have emerged about Prince William's under-the-radar bachelor party (a.k.a. stag do): it was supposedly held at Heartland Abbey, an 800-year-old manor house and involved skeet shooting, surfing and drinking games. (The Daily Mail corroborates, at least on the water sports. Apparently a student spotted the prince and his friends with their boards, saying, "They weren't very good. They were just paddling about having a laugh.") There were no strippers for those of you wondering -- Clarence House apparently emphasized that "no one externally came in" to participate in the festivities.

What else, vut else? Catherine Middleton may have invited her ex-boyfriend to the upcoming nuptials, her mom and sister were seen chatting with Alice Temperley (cue dress designer speculation bonanza) and Wills might be arriving to the big day on a white horse. Just like in our dreams.

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