Chicago Aldermanic Runoff: Latest News And Results

04/05/2011 02:10 pm ET | Updated Jun 05, 2011

Stay tuned to this live blog throughout the day for coverage of the Chicago aldermanic runoffs, as voters in 14 of the city's 50 wards decide the future make-up of the City Council.

04/05/2011 10:42 PM EDT

Madness In The 16th

In an astonishing story out of the 16th Ward, third-time loser Hal Baskin was arrested at a polling place for yelling at an election judge.

From the Sun-Times:

“I can’t remember this happening to a candidate in my years at the Board of Elections,” said Jim Allen, spokesman for the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners.

Baskin entered the Nicholson School at 6066 S. Peoria, pointed his finger at an election judge and started shouting, accusing the judge of talking trash about Baskin in the neighborhood, Allen said.

Baskin appears to have lost to freshman alderman JoAnn Thompson.

04/05/2011 10:40 PM EDT

All Precincts But One Reporting

All 64 precincts in the 6th Ward are in, and Roderick Sawyer is up 134 votes on the incumbent, Freddrenna Lyle.

All 57 precincts in the 41st are also in, and Mary O'Connor is up more than 250 votes, or just about two percent, over Maurita Gavin.

Michele Smith has a 2.3 percent lead over Tim Egan in the 43rd, but there's still one precinct still out in that race, with a margin of 220 votes.

And John Arena has taken a tiny lead with all 53 precincts reporting in the 45th: he is up 29 votes in a race that has been unbelievably close all night.

Arena/Garrido likely won't be resolved for some time; we'll surely start hearing about conditional ballots and the like before long. Unclear how prolonged the situation in the other three wards will be, or what's up with that one missing precinct.

04/05/2011 10:05 PM EDT

A Few More Decisions, And More Indecision

Another batch of precincts just came in, and some races are getting cleared up. Ald. Thomas has won, it appears, with a five percent lead with 62 of 64 precincts reporting. And Ald. Cochran has got it wrapped up in the 20th, with a 7% lead and 94% of precincts reporting.

Of the remaining four races, it's now 51-49 O'Connor's way in the 41st Ward, with only one precinct still out, so that looks pretty good for Mary. Similarly, Michele Smith is up 51-49 with two precincts out out in the 43rd.

The other two are, somehow, closer. Roderick Sawyer's up 111 votes, or just over one percent, in the 6th Ward over incumbent Freddrenna Lyle with one precinct still out. And there's still one precinct out in the 45th, where Garrido is up by 28 votes over Arena.

04/05/2011 9:45 PM EDT

Four Nail-Biters

Four of the runoffs are within 3 points; three are within 1%.

Sawyer leads incumbent Lyle by 68 votes in the 6th Ward. Smith leads Egan in the open-seat race in the 43rd by 77 votes. John Garrido has taken a 28-vote lead with 52 of 53 precincts reporting in the 45th. And Mary O'Connor has a 299-vote lead over Maurita Gavin with six precincts still out there.

The two other races we haven't "called": Ald. Cochran looks pretty good over Rhymefest in the 20th, with a 54-46 lead with 88% percent of precincts in; and Ald. Thomas has a 53-47 lead with 86% of precincts in.

04/05/2011 9:34 PM EDT

Turnout Numbers

These Board of Elections cats are pretty good at predicting turnout, although they may have lowballed it a bit: with around 85% of votes in, turnout is around 24.7%. The Board predicted around 25% turnout, so it'll probably be a bit higher than that by the time all's said and done. Awfully low, but given that it's an aldermanic runoff...

04/05/2011 9:32 PM EDT

And Another

Neglected to mention this one before, but Thompson has a 500-vote lead with all but three precincts in; that's a 15% lead in the low-turnout 16th Ward. She's got it.

04/05/2011 9:29 PM EDT

Another "Call"

With all but one precincts reporting in the 25th, Solis appears to have it wrapped up in the 25th, with a 700-vote lead over challenger Temoc Morfin. Seems pretty certain.

04/05/2011 9:21 PM EDT

Ridiculously Close In The 45th

50 out of 53 precincts have reported. John Garrido has 5,646 votes; John Arena has 5,688. That's a margin of 42 votes.

04/05/2011 9:01 PM EDT

Super-Unofficially "Calling" Some Races

Ald. Foulkes continues to be up 2-to-1 in the 15th; she appears certain to win.

Chandler is up 60-40 on incumbent Ald. Dixon, with 82% reporting; he seems like a lock to take back his old seat in the 24th.

Incumbent Cullerton is up by a similar margin in the 38th, with a similar number of precincts reporting, why not give him the nod.

Sposato is up 56-44 with 90 percent of precincts in the 36th; it would be a heck of a thing if Alderman Rice could pull this one off.

Although it might be a bit premature, Cappleman's 56-44 lead over Phelan with 72% of precincts in looks pretty good as well.

And finally, it appears time to say goodbye to an alderman who's been serving for almost 40 years: Berny Stone continues to be down 60-40 to Debra Silverstein with 80 percent of precincts in.

That marks three incumbents down already, with other races probably too close to calll.

04/05/2011 8:50 PM EDT

Few More Votes, No Big Changes

A handful of other precincts came in, but nothing decisive in the handful of close races. Solis took a 220-vote lead over Morfin in 25, but otherwise little movement. More to come momentarily.