Dodger Stadium: City Calls On Stadium To Curb Alcohol Sales, Increase Security

04/05/2011 05:05 pm ET | Updated Jun 05, 2011

Story courtesy of the City Maven.

By Alice M. Walton

While approving a $50,000 reward today for information leading to the arrest of two men who taunted and beat a Giants fan in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium on opening day, members on the Los Angeles City Council called on the team and its management to step up security, curb alcohol sales and work to maintain a family-friendly environment.

“I don’t consider these thugs Dodger fans. These are people who take the opening day event – they go, they get drunk, party and then they viciously attack. They are in no way indicative of Dodger fans,” said Councilwoman Janice Hahn.

Councilman Jose Huizar, who has four young children, called on the Dodgers to review their security procedures and station more guards in the parking lots.

“As I often take my kids to the Dodger games, to think of the violence that I sometimes see in the parking lot, is just completely unacceptable. It’s not the type of values we want our children to see,” Huizar said.

As a police officer, Councilman Dennis Zine worked security at Raiders games when the team still played in the Coliseum. He expressed concern that the Dodgers would gain a similar reputation for violence.

“There would always be fights. There would always be hostility,” Zine said of the Raiders’ games. “You go to Dodger Stadium and it would always be a family atmosphere.”

Approval of the $50,000 brings the total reward amount to $100,000. Victim Bryan Stow, a paramedic and father of two, remains at USC Medical Center in critical but guarded condition.

Anyone with information about the beating was asked to contact detectives with the Northeast division at (213) 847-4261.

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