Michel 'Sweet Micky' Martelly Wins Haiti Election: A Look At The President-Elect's Pop Music Past (VIDEOS)

04/05/2011 05:28 pm ET | Updated Jun 05, 2011

Like many of the world's greatest pop stars, Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly is a chameleon on the brink of a career re-invention.

Unlike his contemporaries, however, Sweet Micky's newest incarnation has little to do with concerts or music videos. According to preliminary results released Monday by Haiti's Provisional Electoral Council, Martelly captured two-thirds of the vote in the country's run-off presidential election, the Christian Science Monitor is reporting.

Once known as the "President of Kompa," or Haitian carnival music, Martelly was known for his "ribald lyrics and outrageous performances," the Wall Street Journal reports. What's involved in an outrageous performance? According to the AP, the crooner was known "for antics onstage, sometimes mooning audience[s], cursing rivals, even wearing diapers and dresses." The AP also mentions that Martelly "occasionally smoked marijuana and crack cocaine" in the 1980s.

If the results stand, the 50-year-old veteran performer -- who has never held political office, according to the Associated Press -- is vowing to bring experienced hands on board to run the Haitian ship of state.

But even if he fails, Sweet Micky will always have the music. Take a look at a selection of his early music videos below:

Sweet Micky Videos
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