04/05/2011 10:09 am ET Updated Jun 05, 2011

Rat On A Train: Another Rodent Boards The Subway (VIDEO)

There's another rat riding the rails, and this one's a biggie.

NYC The Blog found this YouTube footage of a large rat scurrying through the A train before getting off at the next stop.

The little fellow comes within inches of a suit-wearing gentleman.

It seems like just yesterday, rats were crawling on a guy's face, besieging an R train, and making out with lonely straphangers.

Is this the start of the impending rat epidemic that AM New York warned us about?

Daily Intel believes New Yorkers have already thrown in the towel in the fight against rats. But we're more inclined to believe city residents are feeling a bit like a furious Samuel L. Jackson in a 2006 classic.

WATCH the latest rat attack: