Spotlight: Toc Fetch And Tricia Cline's Drawings And Sculptures At Obsolete (PHOTOS)

04/05/2011 10:50 pm ET | Updated Jun 05, 2011

Two media, one story. Tricia Cline's sculptures provide a raw look at the integration of humans and animals while Toc Fetch uses pencil and paper to narrate a moment in the story. Both artists are masters of their craft, making the tale and characters incredibly illustrated in both mediums.

It is this same acute sensitivity and awareness that Toc and Tricia both explore in graphite and porcelain. Beautiful glimpses into their truth accompanied by narratives that embody this search.

My most recent body of work, Exiles in Lower Utopia, is an ode to the Animal, its ability to perceive, and our return to that perception. An animal is its very form. Its function is its form. A wolf runs at full speed, a distinct scent or sound alters its direction. -Tricia Cline

(FROM: Obsolete)

Toc Fetch and Tricia Cline, "To Bend and to Bow," Obsolete , 222 Main St Venice, CA 90291, through April 9, 2011.

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