04/05/2011 10:41 am ET | Updated Jun 05, 2011

Stephen Colbert On The Glenn Beck 'GlennPocalypse' (VIDEO)

Are you prepared for a world without Glenn Beck?

That may be exactly the situation we're facing if Beck continues to lose sponsors and audience. Reports suggest that while Beck's show is still handily beating everything else in its time slot, it's seriously suffering in terms of ad dollars and perception, as Beck's bleak, the-sky-is-falling outlook continues to wear on his audience. On top of that, other Fox News personalities secretly believe that Beck's continued presence damages their credibility as reporters. It's a disturbing trend for die-hard Beck fans like Stephen Colbert.

So, taking a cue from the Beckinator himself, Colbert used Monday night's show to tell us exactly how to prepare ourselves for life in a post-Glenn world. Hint: it involves a backpack, beef stroganoff and every book Glenn has ever written.