04/06/2011 05:20 pm ET | Updated Jun 06, 2011

Charles Ramsey Won't Be Chicago Police Superintendent, After Seeking Too Much Money

Charles Ramsey seemed like an ideal candidate to take over for Interim Chicago Police Superintendent Terry Hillard when Rahm Emanuel takes the reins of city government.

As the top cop in Philadelphia, he's presided over a 22 percent decline in murders, and the city's got one of the best homicide clearance rates in the country, ABC reports. He's also a native son of Chicago, and he was a deputy superintendent of CPD before leaving in 1998.

"It is my hometown, home department, where I started my career," Ramsey said, when asked by FOX Chicago about the possibility of taking over here. "I can't just dismiss it," he said.

But on Wednesday afternoon, Ramsey announced that he'll be staying put at his current job.

The reason? According to the Chicago Sun-Times, sources say that he didn't get the kind of cash he wanted. Ramsey was seeking around $400,000 a year in salary, which Mayor-Elect Emanuel found too steep.

Former Police Superintendent Jody Weis made $310,000 a year, according to a separate FOX Chicago story. He left when his contract ran out in March, though Emanuel had promised during the campaign -- as did every mayoral candidate -- that he would remove Weis if the superintendent was still around when he took office.

The search continues, then, for a new head for a police department marred by recent scandal. Emanuel will be taking applications until Monday, and has already begun interviewing candidates.