Ernest Shackleton's 103-Year-Old Antarctic Whiskey Deemed Delicious

04/06/2011 03:26 pm ET | Updated Jun 06, 2011

CHICAGO -- Few of us would want to relive Ernest Shackleton's arduous and ultimately unsuccessful trek to the South Pole 103 years ago. But a Glasgow distillery is betting that a whole lot of people will want to sip the Scotch that Shackleton had with him on his Antarctic adventure.

Three crates of the explorer's whisky spent a century forgotten and frozen to the rock underneath the hut he used as a staging ground for his attempt at the pole. Once they were discovered, it took another four years of strategizing before the crates could be safely removed, a sojourn in New Zealand where the bottles were thawed under precise laboratory conditions, a private jet ride back to Scotland, and eight weeks of exacting analysis, but the moment has arrived: Shackleton's Antarctic whisky has been recreated and is ready for mere mortals to drink.

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