Brazil School Shooting Highlights Incidents Around The World

04/07/2011 06:56 pm ET | Updated Jun 07, 2011

A Brazilian gunman's deadly rampage at a Rio de Janeiro public school left 11 children dead and sent shockwaves throughout the South American nation, which had never seen a tragedy of this nature before.

As the Associated Press is reporting, at least other 18 people, mostly Tasso de Oliveira students, were injured and taken to local hospitals, where at least four remained in grave condition. The culprit is thought to be a former student, who also died.

It was a grisly reminder that schools, colleges and universities across the world have been the scenes of some horrific shootings in recent years. Not surprisingly, the case has drawn immediate comparisons to the 1999 Columbine High School tragedy, in which 13 people died, as well as similar shootings in Finland and Germany.

View a timeline of recent school tragedies around the world below:

School Shootings Around The World
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