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Commodore 64: Retro Computing Revived

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Commodore USA

Don't like the look of modern laptops? Dying to hear the clickety-clack of an 80s keyboard?

Well, now there's a solution for the old-school hacker in you. Or at least that's what the folks at Commodore USA hope you'll think.

While the original manufacturers of the all-in-one Commodore 64 went bankrupt in 1994, Barry Altman, president and chief executive of Commodore USA, bought the trademark in September 2010 hoping to revive the company, according to the New York Times. The result is the recently updated Commodore 64.

The reissue, which sports the same exterior but with updated guts, has taken the internet by storm. It's currently available for purchase at in 5 different configurations, ranging from "bare bones" to "ultimate." Though none of these Commodore units includes a screen, some have HDMI-out capabilities.

The original model, which went on sale in the summer of 1982, was one of the most popular computers in history, likely shipping between 15 and 30 million units, according to the Times.

Wired, however, isn't too optimistic about the future of this piece of nostalgia. Indeed, the highest model goes for a whopping $895, a comparable price to a top-of-the-line iPad 2.

Do you think the new Commodore 64 stands a chance? Weigh in below.

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