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Fox News' Carl Cameron Delivers Government Shutdown Report While Children's Choir Sings In Background (VIDEO)

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Reporting live can have many challenges, but Fox News' Carl Cameron faced a unique one on Friday when, while he was reporting on the impending government shutdown inside the Capitol building, a children's choir started singing in the rotunda beneath him. Presumably, the choir had long been scheduled to sing in the building, not knowing that they would be potentially doing the equivalent of serenading the Titanic as it sank.

"We've got a choral group about to tee off here," Cameron said, continuing to give his report while the choir's heavenly song swelled behind him. As they continued, Cameron got a little more flustered.

"This is just bizarre," he said. "While the U.S. government is on the precipice of a shutdown...the kids are singing. The theater of the absurd is open for business."

He did, though, say that the choir "sounds pretty good," and contrasted the children with "the cacophony of partisan gridlock...makes a heck of a contrast."


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