04/08/2011 02:16 pm ET | Updated Jun 08, 2011

Northwestern Sex Toy Demonstration: Tennessee Church Refuses To Host NU Volunteers

A group of volunteers from Northwestern University, headed to Tennessee to spend their Spring Break building a nature trail, are suddenly without a place to stay for their trip.

The reason? Pastor Clifton Roth, of the Community Baptist Church in Hixson, Tennessee, picked up the March 3rd edition of the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

Pastor Roth had spoken to one of 14 students in the group, according to NBC Chicago, and had agreed to let the students camp on church property while volunteering.

But the next day, he picked up the paper and saw an article about a live sex-toy demonstration at Northwestern. A professor in a human sexuality class held an optional after-class session at which a woman demonstrated the pleasure of a device Professor J. Michael Bailey called the "fucksaw." Some were outraged; others saw it as proof of an open-minded student body. The Times Free Press had picked up an AP article about the controversy.

"I just felt the Lord wanted me to see that" article, Pastor Roth said to the Chicago Sun-Times.

When the student, Jenny Haag, called back to confirm their lodgings, the pastor told her that he couldn't have his church associated with Northwestern after the scandalous demo.

An Associated Press report describes Haag as "stunned by the turnaround." The students are entirely unaffiliated with the sexuality course, and are traveling as part of the university's Alternative Student Breaks program, where students voluntarily choose to spend their vacations on service projects around the country.