Charlie Sheen Fans React To Radio City Show (VIDEO)

04/10/2011 07:38 pm ET | Updated Jun 10, 2011

Charlie Sheen's Violent Torpedo of Truth has officially morphed into a Benign Paddle Boat of Stories.

That much has been made clear after Sheen's most recent Radio City appearance, which sparked more boos, yelling, and walk-outs from the angry crowd. We know now that, despite Sheen's apparent "retooling," the show still amounts to a rambling hour of self-aggrandizing stories, half-baked video montages, and lazy audience interaction.

So why are people still coming? Unlike other publicized trainwrecks, this one possesses no $65 million-dollar aerialist acrobatics or U2 songs. Nor does it feature celebrity guests, concert performances, or a sense of excitement like Conan's recent tour-in-the-name-of-rebellion.

"I guess I just wanted to go in, see him be crazy, and leave," said a woman visiting New York from California. She had arrived at Radio City forty minutes into the show and was in the process of trying to get inside, when a horde of audience members who had left midway through encouraged her to save her money.

Sheen's second Radio City show bows tonight, and tickets have fallen by almost half. They also remain nonrefundable.

WATCH other audience reactions from Sheen's Radio City appearance last Friday:

Video by HuffPost's Hunter Stuart

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