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15 Mind-Blowing Skyscrapers (PICTURES)

First Posted: 04/11/11 11:29 AM ET   Updated: 06/11/11 06:12 AM ET

From Inhabitat:

With world populations growing and land scarce, more and more architects are looking to build upwards instead of outwards. Want some visual proof? Check out this collection of incredible vertical farms, bio-fuel power plants and skyscraper cities showcasing some truly innovative ideas on how to rethink what urban landscapes should look like. It just might be a glimpse into our future!

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The laminated wood skyscraper is an interesting concept envisioned for Brazil, where deforestation is such a crippling issue. Using laminated wood construction, Tomas Kozelsky, Patrick Bedarf, and Dimitrie Andrei Stefanescu showcase the ultimate in sustainable design for the heart of the Amazon.
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