04/11/2011 09:49 am ET | Updated Jun 11, 2011

Kids React To Rebecca Black's 'Friday' (VIDEO)

As soon as Rebecca Black's "Friday" entered the public lexicon we were wondering when Ben and Rafi Fine would tear it up in a "Kids React To Viral Videos" episode. Now, we can finally see what our favorite kids really think about the viral hit.

You have to note their pretty keen understanding of irony (10-year-old twins Megan and Shannon say, "it's entertaining because it's terrible"). And of course Morgan loves the song regardless of its asinine lyrics.

The kids also show sympathy when The Fine Bros. tell them how ARK Music Factory made the video, but what the brothers failed to mention is all of the cash Black earned despite the embarrassment. Watch all the kids reactions in the video below, and leave your thoughts in the comments.


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