04/11/2011 08:24 am ET | Updated Jun 11, 2011

Miguel Saez Sanchez, Aer Lingus Flight Attendant, Fighting Dismissal Over Pot Brownies

A former Aer Lingus flight attendant is in court fighting his dismissal over eating a pot brownie and taking diet pills, according to the Irish Independent.

In 2009, Miguel Saez Sanchez was in Los Angeles on vacation for a few days before a flight to Dublin and the night before the flight, which he was working, he had "3 or 4 vodkas and unwillingly ate" the pot brownie. Upset and emotional over a fight with friends, Sanchez boarded the flight to work, but became delusional upon take off.

At one point, Sanchez walked up to passengers with his jacket on and a briefcase in hand, which made him "look like he was getting off the flight", a fellow crew member told the inquest, according to

Post take-off, Sanchez thought he was being photographed by the plane's passengers who he believed were "plants" by the airline. He then told a crew member that he could feel fleas and lice on his body.

The lawsuit, which Sanchez filed, claims that he was fired unfairly, as he did not know the diet pills he bought over the counter were against Aer Lingus policy. The flight in question occurred March 20, 2009.

An Aer Lingus spokesman said that Sanchez's action were "nothing short of folly in the highest."
A verdict in the case is expected within 8 weeks.