04/11/2011 12:48 pm ET | Updated Jun 11, 2011

'Slobstopper' Adult Bib A Giant FAIL For Humanity (VIDEO)

There are stupid products, and then there are products that make you lose faith in the human race altogether. The "Slobstopper," an adult bib made for in-car eating, definitely falls into the latter category.

This real, ridiculous product comes with an equally ridiculous commercial that suggests drinking coffee or eating in your car without spilling all over yourself is simply too hard to do, what with all the attractive women walking by.

If that weren't enough, the tagline touts, "bibs aren't just for babies," as if adults have been struggling with this whole "feeding yourself" thing since birth.

Why not just waterproof your Snuggie and call it a day?


Via Geekologie