04/12/2011 12:29 pm ET Updated Jun 12, 2011

Conan Debunks Yet Another Fan Correction (VIDEO)

On last night's "Conan," yet another "correction" from a fan was submitted and subsequently debunked, this time giving new meaning to the term "eagle-eyed."

Challenging fans to "make chump meat of the maestro," Conan has called for his viewers to send him errors they have noticed in the talk show. In each case, the error is noted, explored and then eviscerated by Conan's crack staff.

This time, a couple fans pointed out that in a sketch on the show about "Twitter insurance" last week, an animated bald eagle was accompanied by a triumphant bird call. Unfortunately, according to the fans, the call was not that of a bald eagle, but actually a red-tailed hawk.

Luckily, Conan had video evidence proving conclusively that he was not in the wrong on this one. Check out the video for proof that the talk show host has yet to be bested by his fans. (Later in the show, Conan mentioned that he's legally required to point out that the bird in the sketch a real, non-releasable bald eagle. So points for authenticity.)