04/12/2011 03:56 pm ET Updated Jun 12, 2011

Nepali Migrant Workers Unknowingly Being Sold Into Slavery In The Middle East (VIDEO)

Belonging to the overlooked, poorest segments of the Nepalese population, these workers dream of better lives abroad, only to find themselves cosigned into slavery and appalling work conditions in the Middle East in the process.

The Guardian's Pete Pattison investigates the plight of Nepalese migrants who say they were duped by unscrupulous agents into being trafficked abroad. Once stranded, they are fully at the mercy of their employers, subject to abuse and in some cases, even death.

"She was forced to work in two or three houses and she was beaten as well," says the relative of one Nepalese woman who was killed after she relocated to Lebanon in search of a better life. "So she asked the agent to send her home and the agent asked for money...we were told, 'You'll see your woman in a coffin.'"

But such stories do little to deter job seekers in Nepal -- a nation where some locals reportedly get by on a mere $2.00 a day -- and the queue for passports continues.

Watch the full video report here: