Teenage Girls Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Boy In Valparaiso, Indiana

04/13/2011 09:38 am ET | Updated Jun 12, 2011

Two teenage girls in Northwestern Indiana are facing several charges for allegedly tying up an older boy and assaulting him.

The two girls, one age 16 and one age 14, allegedly lured the 17-year-old boy into their home in Valparaiso, 50 miles southeast of Chicago. There, they threatened him with a knife and handcuffed him, according to police.

Once bound, the girls allegedly assaulted the boy. Only one of the girls, the 16-year-old, is charged with sexual assault; the other is charged with intimidation and battery with a deadly weapon. Both face charges of criminal confinement, an Associated Press report writes.

According to FOX 59, the victim was eventually able to escape, and called the police once he returned home. Both suspects were being held at the held at the Porter County Juvenile Detention Center, the Post-Tribune of Merrillville reports.