TV On The Radio's New Video 'Nine Types Of Light'

04/12/2011 04:25 pm ET | Updated Jun 12, 2011

Tunde Adebimpe is a man of many talents. Besides fronting one of rock's most interesting and talented outfits, Adebimpe has also starred in the film "Rachel Getting Married," and has most recently stepped behind the camera to direct TV On The Radio's Nine Types of Light. This full-length feature film is composed of ten individual music videos made to accompany each of the tracks on their album of the same name which is out today.

Adebimpe also directed the music video for "Forgotten," while letting different directors take the reigns for the remaining segments that constitute the film which intercuts between interview, live-action, and animation. The hour long video will be packaged along with the deluxe edition of the album and is also available to watch on youtube. Check it out below:

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