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Bill Maher To Maddow: 'I Hate' The GOP 'As Much As You Do' (VIDEO)

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Bill Maher appeared on Rachel Maddow's Tuesday show for an extended session of Republican bashing.

The two-part interview focused mostly on the battle over the budget which is embroiling Washington at the moment. Republicans, Maher said, always "screw the present for the future" by cutting programs that could save money down the line. He also predicted that President Obama will stake out a "center right" position when he delivers his speech on cutting the deficit on Wednesday night.

Later on, Maher and Maddow took aim at Jon Kyl, whose misstatement about Planned Parenthood—and his later claim that his falsehood was "not intended to be a factual statemt"—has entered national lore.

"In a world full of political liars, one man has taken the crown," Maher told a laughing Maddow. He sarcastically speculated that Kyl had taken slight liberties with the facts because "Jon Kyl's a hippie, he's an artist," and concluded, "I don't know what to say about these people. I hate them as much as you do."

Watch both parts of the interview:

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