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New 'Hell Angels Forever' Abridged 3rd St. Version (VIDEO)

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More footage available today of a lost, grimy 1970's New York as The NYC Blog alerts us to an abridged, New York-centric version of the documentary "Hell's Angels Forever" uploaded to YouTube.

The video offers a glimpse of the infamous motorcycle gang in their prime, hanging out in a Manhattan "that's not exactly skyscrapers and Park Avenue" but on the edge of the Bowery on 3rd Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues, where the Hell's Angels is still headquartered (and where nowadays the group can't even intimidate tourists from sitting on their beloved bench). And one amusing element is that the documentary describes the Bowery as "an old immigrant neighborhood" where "a lot of working class people still live" as opposed to its current incarnation as a land of boutique hotels and upscale restaurants.

As we pointed out yesterday, it's a mistake to romanticize the period, but it's still fascinating to see the Hell's Angels up close in a complicated portrait--talking of brotherhood and beating up people on the street, getting in trouble with the law and shooting the breeze with cops, sporting swastikas yet having a Jewish member, playing with children and partying--all in the New York they called home.