Coachella 2011: Best Bands From Noon to Midnight On Saturday

04/14/2011 05:53 pm ET | Updated Jun 14, 2011

Story comes courtesy of City's Best

By Katie Bain

It's two days before the festival, and the Coachella set times have finally been released. In typical festival fashion, the itinerary is stacked thick with can't-miss shows happening at the exact same time on stages at polar opposites of Coachella's lengthy polo field. The itinerary below -- for the perfect Saturday, noon to midnight -- should assist in packing a glut of the really good stuff into your day while still allowing for a bit of time to snag both a beer between sets and a decent spot in the crowd when you reach your destination. Word to the wise: Saturday is all about the main stage. (For the Perfect Friday, click here, and check back with us tomorrow for the Perfect Sunday.)

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