04/14/2011 10:19 am ET | Updated Jun 14, 2011

If These Knishes Could Talk Gabs About New Yawk Accents (VIDEO)

What exactly is a New York accent?

If These Knishes Could Talk is all about the way New Yorkers speak, and have spoken for decades.

Some in the film trace the accent back to the city's working class roots -- an amalgam of all the newly arrived immigrants in the early 1900's. But some worry that New York's accent is being washed away in a sea of gentrification as the city becomes prohibitively expensive for many natives.

For others, the accent is a curse -- at least one woman in the film is actively trying to get rid of any vocal trace that she's a New Yorker.

And she's not alone. In November, the New York Times wrote a piece about longtime city residents seeking professional help to change the way they speak.

WATCH the trailer for If These Knishes Could Talk: