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JeanPants Underwear Short Denim Pants: Will You Wear Them With Us? (PHOTOS, POLL)

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File under: clothing we didn't know existed but we now absolutely need.

Introducing "JeanPants Underwear Short denim pants," part jeggings-cutoffs, part printed boxer briefs and 100 percent Never Nude chic (either you know what we're talking about or you never watched "Arrested Development").

From the product description:

The tight and chic JeanPants from local clothes brand CUW are pert, durable and oozing zeitgeist appeal. Although likely to be more popular with men the designers also say women are welcome to enjoy the style too. For sure, the "worn" denim look is all the rage in Tokyo at the moment, and this underwear adds innovation to that trend by transposing jeans fashion to your briefs.

Oozing zeitgeist? Who wrote this? Our high school AP English teacher, for sure. A continuación...

I mean, why should we neglect our underwear and only think about regular pants all the time? You can say so much about yourself with your choice of underwear, plus give yourself more confidence and panache, knowing that what you are wearing underneath is also original and funky. Available in two sizes, this underwear does the hard work for you: Now you just have to decide what to wear on top!

And on bottom. We'd probably decide to wear something on bottom as well, if these are in fact underpants you speak of.

Will you be spending $61 on JeanPants Underwear Short denim pants?

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