Astronaut's First TwitPic From Space (TWEET)

04/15/2011 12:21 pm ET | Updated Jun 15, 2011

Rest assured, when NASA sends an astronaut into space, that brave explorer is fully equipped with the most sophisticated technology in the universe.

That includes TwitPic.

This morning NASA Astronaut Ron Garan tweeted his very first TwitPic from space, offering a stunning #FromSpace vision of our green and blue globe.

"Anyone know where in the world this is?" Garan asks his followers, receiving at least one response of "ummmm outer space?"

Serious Twitter replies included Japan, South America, and New Zealand, but Garan has yet to reveal the location.

On April 4, Garan, a retired U.S. Air Force F-16 fighter pilot from New York, departed from Kazakhstan on a five-month mission with the International Space Station.

Click on the link below to check out @Astro_Ron's TwitPic from space:

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