Avery's Homebrew & Bottle Collector Support Group

04/17/2011 04:02 pm ET | Updated Jun 17, 2011
  • Matt Ferner City's Best

Homebrewing is often a social event -- brew a specialty with friends and then throw a tasting party, since the process requires the exchange of ideas with other craft beer wizards and aficionados. Homebrewing is close cousin to craft beer -- which is why Avery Brewing Company started a monthly homebrew meet-and-greet.

It's called the Homebrew & Bottle Collector Support Group, and Avery held the first one just last month in March, inviting homebrewers and bottle collectors to their Tap Room. The next one is this Monday -- Tax Day, fittingly. Bring a minimum of 22 ounces of your masterpiece for other homebrew enthusiasts (and Avery's own craft beer masters) to taste, analyze and admire.

Avery also brings out a surprise selection of special ales from the cellars to add to the fun. Last month, among several others, they tapped a keg of that very limited and much-lauded Depuceleuse. That's a real treat, considering Avery only made 463 cases of this barrel-aged wild ale that uses 100 percent brettanomyces fermentation in the wood barrel -- creating a brew with a sour-cherry bite and a smoky-aged wood and spice aroma.

The cost of admission is basically free: Just bring a bottle or two of something awesome -- whether you brewed it or not -- and potentially the number of a good cab company.

Avery Tap Room
5763 Arapahoe Ave., #East, Boulder; 303-440-4324
Mon., Apr. 18 at 6 - 8:30pm; FREE
For more information, click here.