04/17/2011 12:21 pm ET | Updated Jun 17, 2011

Carletta Temple, Inspired By Brother's Death, Founds 'Face To Face' Group To Help Other Victims' Families

When her twin brother was shot and killed, in what remains an unsolved crime, Carletta Temple was devastated.

Realizing that other members of her community were facing similar struggles when family members fell victim to violence, Temple turned her grief into action, founding an organization to help.

She launched Face-to-Face, a community group to help grieving families cope with loss.

Temple told Fox4KC News,
"One thing we found is that instead of the family having to reach out, let's be the organization where we reach out to the family. We go in to them and say 'Hey, on behalf of the community, we're here to support you, what is it that you need?'"


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