04/19/2011 01:16 pm ET | Updated Jun 19, 2011

'Did You Hear About The Inflation'? Hilarious Video Trashes Economists' Measures

From the maker of Bank Bailouts Explained and Quantitative Easing Explained comes Inflation Explained, an animated video discussing why economists continue to insist inflation isn't a problem, despite evidence to the contrary at grocery stores and gas stations.

The video, by Omid Malekan, depicts inflation as beneficial to the wealthy, whose stocks rise during inflationary periods, at the expense of lower-class Americans, who own fewer stocks and are more immediately affected by rising commodity costs that take up a larger percentage of their income.

"According to economists, if a fancy smartphone this year costs the same as it did last year but has more features, then it's deflating."

"But what about the people that can't afford a fancy phone?"

"Those people are just screwed."

Watch "Inflation Explained" here: