Matthew Nellessen Killed Father For $100,000, Police Say

04/19/2011 09:33 am ET | Updated Jun 19, 2011

Matthew Nellessen is one of four men being held by police in the death of his father George, and authorities describe the murder as motivated by money.

When George Nellessen, 55, returned to his Arlington Heights home after work, his son and three others were allegedly waiting for him in the house. They bound him to a chair with duct tape, demanded that he sign a check for $100,000, and asked him for his online banking passwords and information, ABC-7 reports.

Then, when the victim said he'd call the police, Matthew allegedly decided he had no choice but to take his father's life. According to court documents, he blindfolded and gagged his father, then hit him five times in the head with a baseball bat. When that failed to kill him, Matthew stabbed him in the neck with a steak knife, police allege.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the elder Nellessen was planning on kicking Matthew out of the house on the day of his murder, because he thought his son was stealing from him. But he was also apparently afraid of his 19-year-old son, who was recently home from his latest stint in jail.

Nellessen continued staying in his father's home the day after the murder, and stayed there, with the body still in the living room. When a concerned co-worker came to the door two days later, Nellessen at first refused to let her in, WLS writes, but eventually she found her former colleague bound to the chair, bloodied and dead.

In the interim, Nellessen and his three accomplices -- all of whom, except Nellessen himself, have confessed to the crime -- went on a spending spree, according to prosecutors. They withdrew money against the victim's cards, and bought marijuana and a hotel room to spend the night of the murder in. But Nellessen reportedly failed to cash the $100,000 check.

Matthew Nellessen, who has a lengthy criminal history, is being held without bond. He will have a preliminary hearing on May 9 in Rolling Meadows.