04/19/2011 03:48 pm ET | Updated Jun 19, 2011

Robin Williams Tells 'The View' He Was Pulled Over By NYPD While Riding Bike (VIDEO)

The New York City bike wars have claimed another victim: Robin Williams.

The actor sat down on The View today and shared with viewers a recent run-in he had with the NYPD. Like many New Yorkers, Williams says he didn't know that riding your bike on the sidewalk is illegal when he was pulled over by some cops. He describes himself as having looked like "a terrorist or a crack dealer--your call" that day, but that once the cops recognized the Oscar-winning actor, they let him go without a ticket (unlike this poor guy).

Williams is in town while starring in the Broadway play "Bengal Tiger At The Baghdad Zoo" and recently rented a lavish apartment on the Upper West Side.