Dr. Dre Wins 'The Chronic' Lawsuit

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Dr. Dre is one of raps elder statesmen, graduating from gangsta rap outfit N.W.A. to become one of the game's biggest artist/producer/moguls. After founding Death Row Records and releasing his debut album The Chronic under that label, Dre left the label in 1996 to start his own company, Aftermath Entertainment. Last year Dre filed a suit against Death Row claiming that they were selling digital versions of the album without permission and that "not a dime of royalties had been paid," from Dre's departure until the company went bankrupt in 2006.

On Tuesday Judge Christina A. Snyder ruled in Dre's favor, and declared him entitled to damages resulting from the loss of royalties. Dr. Dre's lawyer Howard King issued a statement, inadvertently or not, that quoted one of his famous singles from that album, "Forgot About Dre."

"For years, Death Row Records forgot about Dre when they continued to distribute his music digitally and combined his hits with weaker Death Row tracks in an attempt to elevate the stature of their other artists," Mr. King announced. "We are gratified that the federal court has unambiguously declared that Death Row has no right to engage in such tactics, and must hold all proceeds from these illicit distributions in trust for our client."