04/22/2011 02:37 pm ET | Updated Jun 22, 2011

Brooklyn Woman Gives Birth In Taxi Cab

The theater district had a different kind of show on Wednesday.

Brooklyn resident, Even Sweeney, gave birth to a baby boy while in the back of a livery cab at 7th avenue and 51st street, unable to make it to the hospital in time, according to The New York Post.

Sweeney starting having contractions at her Prospect Heights home and called Arecibo Car Service. Cab driver Juan Hernandez showed up minutes later and picked up Sweeney and her partner Inez Murray.

But Roosevelt Hospital proved to be just a little too far away.

From the Daily News:

About 20 minutes after she jumped in the cab, Sweeney's water broke. Baby Finn was ready to meet the world. "I saw the head crowning at about 2 inches," said [her partner, Inez] Murray, a top executive at Women's World Banking, a nonprofit microfinance organization. "It frightened the life out of me."

Sweeney, a novelist, was yelling in pain. The cab was stuck in traffic on 51st St. near Park Ave.

Murray asked Hernandez to call 911, and an operator told him to stop the car and wait for help.

"I knew she was going into labor," the cab driver said. "In my head, I was saying, 'I've got to get her to the hospital as fast as I can.' " He drove on, and moments later, Finn popped out.

Six police cars and an ambulance arrived on the scene moments later and cut the umbilical cord , according to CBSNews.

When Sweeney and her newborn son were taken out of the car and lifted onto a stretcher, onlookers in the theater district broke out into applause. "It was so New York," Sweeney told the News.

The Brooklyn moms expressed thanks at the Roosevelt hospital for the police officers and EMT's that showed up on the scene.

The couple also hopes to personally thank the cab driver, according to NY1, who never charged a fare and even went as far to follow the ambulance to the hospital and drop off items the couple forgot during the melee.

This is not the first time baby New Yorkers have decided to pop out in taxi-cabs. In February a woman delivered a baby girl in cab inside the Lincoln Tunnel.