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Earth Day 2011: The Best Green Movies And Shows To Watch (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post   First Posted: 04/22/11 11:50 AM ET   Updated: 06/22/11 06:12 AM ET

Ready to curl up on the couch and watch a movie when you're done embracing the outdoors on Earth Day?

Earth Day Network has compiled a list of recommended eco-minded films, documentaries and television series that will fit nicely with any other Earth Day plans.

Social media has the ability to educate and inspire. The listed projects range from Oscar nominees to little-known gems. Kathleen Rogers, President of Earth Day Network, says, "We hope these excellent projects inspire discussions at the dinner table, in the classrooms and in City Hall and prove to be catalysts for both thought and action."

Check out one of these films today (and watch the others later)!

Videos/text courtesy of EDN:

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(Winner, Best Animated Feature - European Film Awards)

Featuring the voices of John DiMaggio, Whoopi Goldberg, Matthew Modine, Wallace Shawn, and James Woods. This stunning new animated adventure pits plucky, wild-haired young Mia against profit hungry developers with the future of life on Earth in the balance. One night, Mia has a premonition and sets out on a journey through mountains and jungles to find her father who has been trapped in a disaster-plagued construction site on a remote tropical lake. In the middle of the lake stands the ancient Tree of Life, watched over by bumbling forest spirits called Migoo. It is the Migoo who have been disrupting construction to protect this sacred site - and together with Mia they join in a fight to save the Tree and find Mia's father. Created from an astonishing 500,000 hand-painted frames of animation, the film is a work of art, breathtaking to behold.

*To be released in theaters nationally on 4/22
**ALL theatrical proceeds from opening weekend support Earth Day Network's Canopy Project, which is part of the Billion Acts of Green Campaign.
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