04/22/2011 09:19 am ET | Updated Jun 22, 2011

Ed Schultz And Michael Steele Have A Rematch About The Budget (VIDEO)

Ed Schultz and former RNC chair Michael Steele met up on Thursday for a rematch after their bout on Bill Maher's show last week.

Last Friday, Schultz and Steele argued loudly about Medicare, President Obama and the federal budget. On Thursday, Steele came on Schultz's show, and the two covered largely the same turf. Schultz began, though, by asking Steele why so many Republicans believe Obama is not a natural-born U.S. citizen. Steele said the issue was a "non-starter" for him.

"Maybe that's why you're not the head anymore," Schultz joked. He then turned back to the budget and Medicare. Here, the two were not in such cozy agreement. When Schultz asked Steele if Americans wanted Medicare to be turned into a voucher system--as the House Republican budget would--Steele said, "that's a conversation the American people need to have."

"Now wait a minute," Schultz said, as Steele tried to continue. "It's not a conversation because the Republicans have voted on it." Steele scoffed at this notion, pointing out that the budget is unlikely to pass the Senate, so further dialogue will have to happen. He called it a "start."

"This is not a start," Schultz said. "This is where the Republicans are...why did every Republican vote on tax cuts for the rich, going after the Pell grants, changing the Medicare system when the American people aren't there?"


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