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Next iPhone To Be A Gamer's Delight

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The next iPhone will be a mean, lean, gaming machine, according to 9to5Mac, who have discovered that the phone will be equipped with the speedy A5 dual-core processor.

Apple has already doled out a prototype of next iPhone, featuring the A5 chip, to a few developers working on apps that optimize the new hardware.

Better gaming is expected to be a big selling point for the next iPhone release.

Though rumor suggests that the new handset will be "virtually identical" to the iPhone 4, a processor upgrade will inject the next device with more speed and power than its predecessor.

9to5Mac's source called the next-gen prototype the "iPhone 4S" and revealed that the gadget has been locked away in a safe at Apple HQ.

It's not certain that this gaming-friendly iPhone prototype is the final version of the next-gen iPhone, or just a mock-up to ready developers for the real next-gen phones thought to be dropping this September. The so-called iPhone 4S runs on iOS 4, but if Apple does as they've done in the past, the final iPhone release may run on iOS 5.

The iPad 2 already uses the A5 chip, which Steve Jobs pointed out improves graphics performance dramatically. A report recently showed that iOS and Android devices account for 34 percent of the portable gaming market, and this iPhone 4S seems to indicate that Apple is taking the opportunity to gobble up more gamers.

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