04/24/2011 01:22 pm ET | Updated Jun 24, 2011

Tyrone Curry, School Janitor, Donates $40,000 To Build Race Track

Tyrone Curry has dedicated the last 34 years to Evergreen High School in Washington as the school's custodian and track coach.

This year he will retire, but not without leaving behind a legacy: he has contributed $40,000 to the school to build a race track. Curry, who won over $3 million in the state's lottery in 2006, decided long ago that he would build the track if he ever had the means.

"I like taking pride in this job," Curry tells KING 5 News as he explains why he continues to work for the school even though he financially no longer needs to. He hopes to continue to do things for them as a member of the school board, a position he is running for after he retires.