04/24/2011 01:23 pm ET | Updated Jun 24, 2011

Schools Vie For Obama Graduation Speech (VOTE)

Already a huge milestone, graduation will be an even more memorable event for one hard-working senior class.

After the White House challenged students to show through video and essays how their school prepares them for college and a career, six schools have now been selected to compete for a commencement address from President Barack Obama.

Now, you can vote on which school you think is most deserving at Commencement Challenge site.

Some of schools in the running include Science Park High School In New Jersey, which sends 95 percent of its students to college; Bridgeport High School in Washington, known for its high minority and poverty population as well as its college and AP courses; and Pittsburgh CAPA in Pennsylvania, which crosses its curriculum by combining civics with botany and math with visual art.