04/25/2011 07:37 pm ET | Updated Jun 25, 2011

Eli Broad Pours Billions Into LA, But Has His Critics

In a 60 Minutes profile, interviewer Morley Safer called Eli Broad "one of the most consistently generous philanthropists in America." Safer's segment on the billionaire benefactor takes viewers on a lap of some of Broad's biggest Los Angeles contributions (Disney Concert Hall, Broad Contemporary Art at LACMA, and the upcoming "Broad" in Downtown LA). Safer also gives Broad's friends and critics a forum to sound off on the best and worst of Los Angeles' biggest philanthropist.

New York City mayor and fellow billionaire Michael Bloomberg told CBS, “Eli Broad sets the standard... the leverage of Broad is really quite amazing.” Artist Jeff Koons, of whom Broad is a steady patron, claims Broad’s gallery space is, “just tremendous.”

But Safer’s “60 Minutes” dialogue with Eli Broad reveals there is more to the “feared and admired dictator” than the half-billion dollars worth of improvements (to date) he has provided Los Angeles with. In a sharp contrast to Koons' adulation, architect Frank Gehry claims Broad is a “control freak,” and a “real pain in the ass" -- not surprising considering the pair's tumultuous history. Check out the “60 Minutes” profile with Eli Broad, one of L.A.'s big-time benefactors, below: