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Donald Trump: Inspiring Comedy Since The 80s (VIDEOS)

The Huffington Post     First Posted: 04/26/11 08:44 AM ET   Updated: 06/26/11 06:12 AM ET

Donald Trump is a true pop culture survivor, and as such, a target of comedy for ages. Although you might argue it's a joke unto itself that Trump is currently threatening to run for President based on the platform that President Obama is a lying foreigner, the real estate mogul has been a consistent target in comedy since he rose to fame as a symbol of wealth and excess in the mid-1980s.

Always a shameless self-promoter, Trump has never shied away from the cameras, even before he turned the act of employment termination into a catchphrase on his reality show. His outsized personality and lifestyle have made him ripe for parody (not to mention self-parody).

Here are some of our favorite Trump-centric comedic moments, including parodies, spoofs, late-night appearances and more from over the years. Vote for the funniest and share your favorite Trump comedy moment in the comments.

Saturday Night Live
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"SNL" has lampooned Trump many times over the years, such as this sketch that parodied his "Days of Our Lives" cameo.
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